I was looking for something different to do in the pool this week as swimming the same laps week after week can get quite monotonous. I came across this one and modified it just a bit to fit my schedule and I have to say it was refreshing and a lot of fun. Because I usually swim with my buddy, Wendy I knew I’d have someone to do the first main set with. As an added bonus, another friend, Mel, was at the pool this morning so he joined in as well. The more people you have to do the drafting exercise with the more fun.

The first swim of the main set you rotate the lead position in a single lane. When the leader completes 75, they stay on the right side of the lane wall to allow everyone else to swim past. They then join the group as the new last person. Rotating the lead position makes the time go by faster, helps you practice drafting and usually creates a higher average pace than if you swim 900 by yourself (given the same effort level).

I didn’t have time to do the 400 pull with paddles and buoy and only did 4 x 50 backstroke (and not on the 1:10!) but using this as a guideline made for a fun day at the pool.


200 freestyle, 200 kick, 200 freestyle (alternating drill 25/swim 25)

Main set:

  • 900 steady swim, change who leads the lane each 75
    One but no more than two-minute rest interval (RI)
  • 600 steady consisting of 3 x 100 fist/100 swim
    One but no more than two-minute RI
  • 400 pull (paddles and buoy)
    One but no more than two-minute RI
  • 200 pull (buoy, no paddles)
    One but no more than two-minute RI
  • 6 x 50 backstroke on 1:10

Goal of the main set: 2400 yards or meters of steady swimming at an aerobic pace.

Cool down:

Swim an easy 200 yards, choice of stroke

Total distance: 3200

This is considered aerobic swim training – your perceived exertion should be kept at easy to moderate the entire workout.