Easy 10 Week Beginner Relay Training

So you were talked into joining your first 24-hour relay with a bunch of running friends. "Come on, it'll be fun", they say! If your idea of fun is sitting in a van with a bunch of stinky runners, running your second leg in the dark and your last leg totally sleep deprived, then you're [...]

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Olympic Triathlon Plus Half Marathon Training

Want to train for an Olympic Triathlon and still maintain your half marathon running base? Wondering how to add swimming and cycling to an already full week of running? The answer is simple; run less. Yes, running fewer days during the week but keeping the intensity high, adding speed work, tempo runs and keeping your [...]

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Simple 6 Week Half Marathon Training Plan

Half Marathon 6 Weeks Away Many of the Havasu Hustlers Run Club Members will be participating in a half marathon just six weeks away. When talking about it at the group run on Saturday several wondered if they had time to train for it. So here is a simple 6 week half marathon training plan [...]

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Beat Pool Boredom

Let’s face it, swimming at the community pool day after day or even a couple times per week can get pretty redundant if you don’t have a plan. Lately I’ve been putting together different work-outs to vary things up and make swimming in the pool more fun. Here’s a new one we did today that [...]

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A Better Way to Marathon Train

A Better Way to Marathon Train - Run less. Yes, you read correctly. I am here to tell you that it is possible, and actually better for you, to train for a marathon by running just three days a week. This may seem unconventional and downright crazy to most marathoners, however, studies have proven that [...]

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Easy and Fun Aerobic Swim Workout

I was looking for something different to do in the pool this week as swimming the same laps week after week can get quite monotonous. I came across this one and modified it just a bit to fit my schedule and I have to say it was refreshing and a lot of fun. Because I [...]

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