I wrote my first review on Island Boost after just using the product twice. I loved how quick you felt the effects giving you a boost soon after taking the product. Well, one year and hundreds of packets later, it’s time to update my review.

Island Boost All Natural Endurance Energizer is truly a labor of love from Laura Mildon who claims to be an easily distracted runner with a very sensitive digestive system so she set out to create a product that wouldn’t make you sick. I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with Laura on a few occasions and she is a great, passionate, energetic, enthusiastic and motivating individual. Why is knowing this important? Because it says a lot about the quality of the ingredients she puts into Island Boost and effort to receive feedback to make it even better. And even better she has.

First I will just say that the packaging is still the same (except for the design image on it) so if you’re not careful it’s easy to spill down your fingers or leak in your jersey pocket. Again, knowing Laura though and all the labor and sweat she’s putting into this, I now understand that this is a small-business operation and it takes a lot of funds to produce new packaging, something she is not flush with. So it’s easy to live with because the results of the product are so worth it.

I have tried numerous gels, chomps, even plain old candy – my old go-to is still Boston Bake Beans or peanut M&M’s. Some gave me stomach cramps, others took too long to digest and so for a long time I settled on GU. I wasn’t a big fan of the thick consistency but I felt the benefit outweighed the minute or two it took to get it down. Then I got the samples of Island Boost.

Island Boost is sweeter than some of the others so be aware of that right off. It tastes great but I’m not a huge sweet person so it is quite a shocker at first. However, because it’s a liquid, it goes down fast, you don’t need water and the effects kick in within minutes. Once I ran out of Island Boost and went back to GU I could tell the difference immediately. I couldn’t get my new case of Island Boost in quick enough. I’ve tried all three flavors: PASSION: Passion Fruit flavored; ASPIRE: Strawberry-Orange flavored; RENEGADE: Blueberry-Pomegranate flavored. And because I’m special, I got to try the brand new chocolate flavor VALOR that isn’t even available to purchase until after Surf City in February. OMG, this, by far, is the best energy fuel ever! The chocolate tastes amazing and gives you a huge boost of energy within minutes after taking it. The other three flavors are great but the chocolate takes the lead and will be the new case in my drawer once it’s available.

Island Boost is made up of all natural ingredients that you can click this link here to read. This makes the manufacturing and shelf life more difficult to produce but she’s insistent to make it work and work it has. I would recommend this product to any endurance athlete, and especially those with sensitive stomachs. In all the years I’ve been training I’ve only had stomach issues with one product so I don’t feel I fall in that category, and I still love it. I used Island Boost all during my 16 week 70.3 triathlon training and for the race itself and I am confident it is a big factor in helping me cross that finish line in just under six hours! Thank you Island Boost!

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