Island Boost All Natural Endurance Energizer is an energy product in the same category at GU, Hammer Gel or gummies but don’t be fool by those products thick consistency thinking this will be the same. I made that mistake the first time I used Island Boost and the sticky liquid went spilling out all over my hands and onto the bars on my bike making for an awful mess.

Despite my frustration of having to stop and use my water to clean myself up, the product that did manage to make it into my mouth tasted delicious compared to those mentioned above. About 15 minutes later and no longer thinking about the product but instead of the 5 mile climb I was halfway into I thought how this climb seemed much easier today and then I realized it was probably the Island Boost kicking in giving me… well, a boost!

Not being one to judge something on its first try, I set out on a two hour brick training for an upcoming triathlon with Island Boost in hand (actually in my jersey pocket but you get the picture). While on my 18 mile ride, I took another Island Boost to help get me through my 5 mile run. This time I was prepared and careful when I opened the package and managed to get just about all of it in my mouth with the exception of the last little bit I tried to squeeze out – that went down my fingers. But once again, I was pleased by the taste. A few minutes later I transitioned from my bike to my run. The first mile is always a little tough, plus it was uphill and completed it in 9:44. Next mile was 9:07, then 8:28, 8:07 and finishing uphill with a 9:11 and felt great the whole time. Now I realize those times aren’t significant to many of you but for me, that is fantastic and probably my best time ever after an 18 mile bike ride! I’m pretty certain that Island Boost gave me the energy I needed to maintain a nice pace.

The president of Island Boost sent me this product to try and if I liked it, possibly use it at an upcoming event. The information she sent along with the products claims it’s 100% natural, provides energy four times faster, is liquid as opposed to a solid or gel (wish I would have read this before the first time I used it!), very gentle on the stomach and tastes great.

I would have to agree with everything Island Boost claims. It’s a marvelous product I’m looking forward to incorporating into future training.