I absolutely love life. I really do yet here I am currently with a knee injury preventing me from running in the Eugene Marathon which I’m registered for. This is a first. During training I stayed optimistic that it would pass, perhaps being able to cycle and swim my way to the start line but also very disappointed and more than little let down I couldn’t run. Then out of nowhere I get an invite to be a featured BAMR on anothermotherrunner.com. This lifted my spirits and reminded me that I’m still a decent athlete, just temporarily an injured one, whether I run this particular marathon or not.

Then last week I came to the hard realization that I will not be able to make it to the start line. Although prepared this may happen, it still was a major let down and I’ve felt a little lost as to what to do to maintain my fitness since then. I can only do so much swimming!

And now today I received confirmation that I will be a featured guest on blogtalkradio.com talking about a marathon’s mom outlook on loving life! Once again my spirits are lifted and although I’m not exactly sure of the Q and A that will take place, I love that I’m still able to contribute to the running community even while injured. Perhaps my experience will help others going through a similar situation or prevent them from injury. And most importantly it reminded me that even though I temporarily can’t run, there is always something to love about life every day; it may be your little girl asking for a hug, good friends, a loving husband, or simply a magnificent rainbow in the desert sky; if you want to see it, you will.

So join me this Thursday at 10am PST as the show broadcasts live at www.blogtalkradio.com.