My last post was about swimming and biking my way to the Eugene Marathon start line due to a knee injury and not really sure how it would all turn out. Well, it looks like I’ll never know. I had to come to the hard realization today that there is no way I’ll be able to run a marathon in 2-1/2 weeks in the shape I’m in.

The plan was grand – swim and bike up to four hours, building cardio and leg strength so that by race day I would still be able to hammer out 26.2 miles. Unfortunately, even riding my bike now continues to aggravate my knee not allowing it to heal 100%. As much as I think I could do it, trying to go out for a 26.2 mile run on a weak knee is just not a good idea. I have a half distance triathlon (70.3 miles) coming up in November and training starts next month and I need to be 100% for that.

Looks like the dream of qualifying for Boston 2015 is just that…a dream that will have to continue until next year!

Thanks for all your support while I made this attempt. It’s been really hard for me to not be able to reach my goal and find myself a little depressed. What have you done to get through the disappointment? I’d really appreciate any comments below!